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JC Economics Classes

Registration for our A-Level Economics classes are now open! 
We will be offering classes in Tampines [Blk 201 area, near Tampines East CC]
Each class requires a minimum of 5 students to commence & timings will only be finalised then.

Enjoy our early bird rate of $15/hr (U.P. $25/hr), valid until 28th February 2017!

Financial Assistance is also available. Drop us a message for more details!
For more information, drop us an email at or message/call us at 9154 3900.


Frequently Asked Questions

Who are we?
Our Educators are mostly final-year undergraduates from NTU. Our Economics lessons will be conducted by final-year Economics Undergraduates. All of our tutors have a significant amount of tutoring experience.

Why do we need a minimum of 5 students to start?
As our rates are relatively lower, we would require a minimum number of participants to make the lessons possible.

Does it matter if I'm taking H1/H2 & Y1/Y2 Economics?
As of now, we are offering 1 Economics class which will cover the whole H2 syllabus in a year. We will be focusing on Microeconomics for the first half of the year and Macroeconomics for the second. We will provide the planned lesson dates and the topics we will be focusing on. H1 Economics students will only need to attend and pay for the H1 topics covered. The detailed H2 Economics Syllabus can be viewed here.

I have a group of friends. Can we book a group session for ourselves?
If there are more than 5 students, we will be able to create a new lesson timeslot for your group based on your time preference and classroom availability.

Are there any financial assistance schemes available?
We do have assistance schemes for students who may not be able to afford the monthly fees. Drop us an email @ or call/message us at 91543900. We'll be glad to help!

H2 Economics Syllabus

Econs Syllabus

Week 1: Central Problem of Economics (Concept)

Week 2: Central Problem of Economics (Essay)

Week 3: Demand, Supply & Elasticity (Concept)

Week 4: Demand, Supply & Elasticity (Essay)

Week 5: Production & Costs (Concept)

Week 6: Production & Costs (Essay)

Week 7: Market Structure (Concept)

Week 8: Market Structure (Essay)

Week 9: Recap & Source-Based Questions

Week 10: Market Failure (Concept)

Week 11: Market Failure (Essay)

Week 12: Unemployment (Concept)

Week 13: Unemployment (Essay)

Week 14: Inflation (Concept)

Week 15: Inflation (Essay)

Week 16: National Income Determination (Concept)

Week 17: National Income Determination (Essay)

Week 18: Recap & Source-Based Questions

Week 19: Keynes Theory of Income Determination (Concept)

Week 20: Keynes Theory of Income Determination (Essay)

Week 21: International Trade (Concept)

Week 22: International Trade (Essay)

Week 23: Globalisation (Concept)

Week 24: Globalisation (Essay)

Week 25: BOPs (Concept)

Week 26: BOPs (Essay)

Week 27: Recap & Source-Based Questions

Week 28: Foreign Exchange (Concept)

Week 29: Foreign Exchange (Essay)

Week 30: Government & Policies (Concept)

Week 31: Government & Policies (Essay)

Week 32: Revision

Week 33: Exam Questions

Week 34: Exam Questions

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