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About Us

Sky High Educators (LLP) is a social enterprise founded in 2014 by undergraduate siblings Faris & Farah, who believe that Education should not cost more than it should. It aims to make education affordable for everyone in the community through the sharing of knowledge and ideas.

Sky High works together with government self-help groups to bring affordable quality education to the community, especially to those in need. Apart from conventional home tuition, Sky High Educators is currently working with other organisations to introduce 2 pilot programs in 2016 for the community.

Faris Malik

Faris Malik is an Economics Undergraduate from the Nanyang Technological University. His motivation for starting Sky High Educators (LLP) is the growing cost of tuition in Singapore. Tuition has become more of a necessity than a means of catching up. With Sky High, he aims to even out the playing field, especially for the less advantaged.


After tutoring for a few years under different agencies, Faris decided to start Sky High Educators, not only as a platform for students to seek assistance but also as a means for undergraduates to earn an income while sharing the knowledge they have. 


   "The name Sky High is from the Kanye West song! Not the Disney Movie!" - FAQ




Farah Malik


Farah is a Psychology Undergraduate at the Singapore Management University. Passionate about education as well as human behaviour, she plans to go into Educational Psychology to better understand the process of learning. With the acquired knowledge, she aims to create innovative programmes with a fresh approach to learning and understanding.


Farah's interest in teaching started immediately after her 'O' Levels, when she realised she could help other students by sharing her unique studying techniques. She firmly believes in learning through understanding concepts, rather than memorising them, because the former can stay with you for much longer. Together with Faris, she began Sky High Educators as a platform for other young, passionate Educators to share with even younger students, the ropes of excelling in the education system.



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