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The Birth of Nomad

We create. We empower. We inspire. We are Nomad. We uplift communities living in rural poverty by partnering with local artisans to drive social changes. We are committed to our cause in providing access to education and basic facilities through the support that we garner from you.

It all began when I reached the age of 20. While most of my peers were thinking about University, I was undecided of the path that I would like to pursue. My mind was fixed on exploring the world beyond the borders of my own country. I have been chasing paper qualifications from the moment I got enrolled into preschool, and took up part time jobs to buy apparels and games that I have never needed. I have been living under a veil from the moment I was born. With the sudden curiousity and desire to see whats beyond, I decided to pack my bags and chase for adventures. I wanted to know what its like to live in the mountains, to be camping under the stars and roll down the dunes in the desert. More importantly, I wanted to understand and experience the beauty of genuine human connection.

I have been spending most of my time traveling around India where I have been to some of the most scenic landscapes, met some of the most inspiring people: from sadhus, to monks, and even gypsies. I may not have learned theories and formulas throughout my journey, but I have gained valuable lessons from the exposure towards the different cultures, environment and what the journey itself had taught me.

As I moved between different villages and communities, I realized that poverty is rampant in rural areas. Children does not have clothes to wear, food is far from adequate for them to be enjoying all 3 meals a day. Sometimes twice, sometimes none. I lived with them for weeks and realized that despite the lack of material possession, and the constant worry that I have for the lack of food, they are wealthy in many other ways. They never ceased to laugh, smile, and hold back from sharing what they had. I grew attached to these people and began to realize their personal troubles.

Apart from cultural factor such as caste system, majority of it occurs due to the lack of opportunity. It is unfortunate as most of the tribal groups and villagers possess incredible talent in making various forms of handicrafts. Some of which are techniques passed down from over hundreds of years ago. The connection that I established with the people whom I have met, and the state of poverty they are in was too much for me to turn a blind eye to. This inspired the birth of Nomad: As I fuel my adventurous spirit into the unknown, I commit myself to transform those communities that are living in rural poverty.

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