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The People of Guizhou

Sanubari Shān is a team of 27 diverse individuals united by a common drive to affect change into society.

We decided to channel our efforts towards improving the learning conditions of Al-Falah Preschool, a Muslim preschool in Guizhou, China.

Why China and why Muslims?

Muslims are a minority population in China, making up less than 2% of the national population. Most Muslim villages are situated on the outskirts, in mountainous terrain where traditional farming still is the main livelihood of the people. It's easy for these villages to be forgotten as the rest of the country experiences rapid growth. So the Little Stone Bridge Village in Guizhou stood out to us as a society in which we could realistically affect change by supporting their education system catered to preschoolers. In this increasingly interconnected world, we as Millennials recognise the collective responsibility that we have to support our global community. Since all 27 of us are Muslim, we figured it would be more meaningful to help our fellow brethren in any way we could.

As Gandhi said, "In a gentle way, you can shake the world".

We are pleased to be working with the NGO Ningxia-Xiji Welfare Charity Center for this project. It is a reputable foundation that grants scholarships as well as provides sponsorships for orphans and other children that need a little more support in an attempt to provide educational opportunities to children in rural villages such as Guizhou.

There are two aspects to our project: construction and education.

In terms of construction, we are painting the exterior of the school buildings, building a garden, a sports shed and also furnishing a library.

In terms of education, we are sharing with them basic Islamic knowledge, and enhancing their Science and English programs. For instance, we plan to facilitate simple hands-on science experiments such as planting beansprouts and observing their growth in an attempt to encourage an interest in science and to expose these children to science in the world around them!

Do support our efforts in creating and enhancing the educational opportunities available to children in the Little Stone Bridge Village!

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