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The UrbaneTech Programme aims to empower youths of today with Technology & Entrepreneurship education to prepare them for the Future Economy

UrbaneTech @ Mendaki SENSE - December 2017

Back by popular demand, our UrbaneTech modules were incorporated into the second installment of ELLY @ SENSE. 
This time, the 3-day intensive workshop focused on an end-goal of developing a working E-Commerce platform.
Participants worked hard to incorporate what they had learned about Entrepreneurship & Website Building to create a working prototype for their respective businesses.


UrbaneTech @ Mendaki SENSE - June 2017

As part of Mendaki ‘s ELLY @ SENSE school holiday programme, our UrbaneTech modules were incorporated into the 3-day workshop to expose participants to Entrepreneurship, Technology & Financial Literacy.

UrbaneTech Basic Coding Workshop - December 2016

Our first public programme was a full-day workshop which focused on both Entrepreneurship & Technology. 
Participants were introduced to basic coding using Scratch, a programme developed by MIT to make coding fun through interactive games.
The Entrepreneurship segment exposed participants to the concept of risk-taking and applying their knowledge of technology to running a business.


UrbaneTech @ Toa Payoh East GRC - November 2016

We kicked off UrbaneTech in 2016 with a half-day coding programme. The programme benefited students from Toa Payoh East GRC, most of whom come from financially challenged backgrounds.

The aim was the workshop was to spark the students’ interest in STEM education through simple coding activities.

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