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Sky High Educators is organising a free guided revision program, supported by Mendaki. 


The revision program will be 100% online and hosted by our tutors. Students (aged 10-17) can consult our tutors during these sessions. Students will be guided on creating a study plan and which they will carry out throughout the program. The program is conducted weekly from June to October on Thursday nights.


Students must be aged between 10-17 years of age. 
- Students will be guided in the revision program by our tutors
- Sessions will be 100% online, in groups/1-1 format (if required)
- Sessions will be held on Thursday nights from 7.30-9pm [July onwards]
- Students must attend all sessions to qualify for the grant
- Students in their final year (e.g. Pri 6/Sec 4/Sec 5 will be given priority)

* Sky High Tutors will assist with revision to the best of their abilities and subject expertise of each tutor. This program is not a tuition program with a fixed curriculum; students have to come with their questions that they need guidance with.

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